Turning Waste Into Sustainable Danish Design

Danish design tradition is in the DNA of Wild Studio Copenhagen. Function, sustainablility and aestethics combined. Moon Collection is made from 100% recycled plastic, produced from locally collected materials in Denmark and designed in Copenhagen.

  • The Moon

    Wild Studio adds color and playfulness to our surroundings while offering an environmentally sustainable alternative. Our first collection is inspired by one of the small wonders of the universe. Without the moon, the earth has no balance. It would spin without direction. The moon symbolizes the feminine power and the ability to grow and change.

  • The Design

    The products in Moon Collections are made of 100% plastic waste from
    household products and industrial waste. We use only one type of
    plastic, polyethylene, which means that it is recyclable as well as
    recycled. In fact the Moon Collection can be recast into new products up
    to seven times. The material has a smooth surface, which makes it easy
    to clean and pleasant to touch. It is robust, weather resistant and therefore perfectly suited to use in outdoor spaces. Due to the production method, each piece is unique.

  • The Earth

    Plastic is the symbol of everything cheap, of waste, of over consumption. That is what made us want to work with it. The challenge of reversing our perception of the material through design and approach.

    The question we ask, is how can we begin to see the mountains of waste, the floating islands of plastic, as a colorful, precious raw material just waiting to be collected and turned into something new.