• Collaboration

    We collaborate with waste producing companies, intitutions, architects and waste management plants to develop new sustainable design.

  • Custommade

    For larger projects we develop custommade design or create specific colors to fit the client's vision. We have the capacity to design, test and make prototypes for our contract clients.

  • Wholesale

    Our wholesale and contract partners are located all over the world. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact Alice Deane on the link below.

  • Planters

    The Moon Planters at an outdoor event in Copenhagen.

  • Outdoor

    The table and stools are used outside the café in the courtyard of Danish Design Museum.

  • Indoor

    The Winter Moon Table and Stools in a café.

  • Hotel

    Event and lounge area at 25hours Hotel. The Moons and Stars used as side tables.

  • Exhibition

    The stars as moveable seating at an art exhibition in Refshaleøen.

  • Community

    The community house Bøsssehuset in Christiania uses the multicoloured versions for all their events.

Interested in becoming a dealer?